debt write-off

debt write-off
nullification of a debt

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • write-off — write offs 1) N COUNT Something such as a vehicle that is a write off has been so badly damaged in an accident that it is not worth repairing. [BRIT] The car was a write off, but everyone escaped unharmed. 2) N COUNT A write off is the decision… …   English dictionary

  • write off (something) — 1. to accept that a debt will not be paid. Last year the bank wrote off $17 million in bad loans. I ll probably never see the money I loaned my brother, so I guess I ll write it off. 2. to decide that something will not be successful. For a long… …   New idioms dictionary

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  • write-off — n 1.) BrE a vehicle that has been so badly damaged that it can never be used again ▪ The car was a complete write off. 2.) a period of time when you fail to achieve anything ▪ This morning was a complete write off. 3.) an official agreement that… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • write off — ► write off 1) dismiss as insignificant. 2) cancel the record of (a bad debt); acknowledge the failure to recover (an asset). 3) Brit. damage (a vehicle) so badly that it cannot be repaired or is not worth repairing. Main Entry: ↑write …   English terms dictionary

  • bad debt write-off — assuming a debt cannot be recovered and trying to get a tax benefit from the loss …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • Write-off — The term write off (or write down) describes a reduction in recognized value. In accounting terminology, it refers to recognition of the reduced or zero value of an asset. In income tax statements, it refers to a reduction of taxable income as… …   Wikipedia

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